Breed Survey

The USA Breed Survey Regulations coincide with the SV regulations; however, they have been somewhat modified to conform to the needs of USA. The purpose of the USA Breed Survey is to select breeding animals that, according to their temperament, performance, and anatomical characteristics, are suitable for maintaining and improving the breed. Breed Survey registration deadline is May 8, 2008.


Prerequisites for Breed Survey Participation

  1. 1. USA Registration.
    Dogs must be registered with USA if the owner resides in the United States.
  2. 2. USA Membership.
    Owners of the dogs must be current members of USA if residing in the United States. If the dog is co-owned, the signature-authorized owner must be a current USA member.
  3. 3. Age Requirement.
    Dogs must be a minimum of two years old in the year of the survey.
  4. 4. Performance Title.
    Dogs must have at least one performance title (SchH1-3, VPG1-3, IP1-3 or HGH) obtained under a USA-recognized performance judge, and a BH obtained under a WUSV-recognized judge. Dogs with an HGH title are not required to have a BH title.
  5. 5. Endurance Test.
    Dogs must have passed an endurance test (AD) under a USA-recognized judge; however, this requirement is waived for dogs with an HGH title and dogs that are six years and older.
  6. 6. Hip Certification.
    Dogs must have a USA-recognized hip certification with tattoo number or microchip identification. Note: Check with the USA Office for a current list of recognized hip certifications.
  7. 7. Breed Show Rating.
    Dogs must have a breed show rating of at leasf'good" (G) obtained under a USA-recognized breed judge in the youth, young dog, or working dog class.

Other Requirements for Breed Survey Participation

  1. Sick animals may not be presented.
  2. Females in season must be reported to the breed survey master, who controls participation.
  3. Females in whelp must be reported to the breed survey master, who controls participation.
  4. Dogs must be identifiable by a recognizable tattoo number.

Breed Survey Helpers

Breed Survey HelperRichard Wheeler has been doing helper work for more than ten years. He was selected as an Alternate helper at the 2006 USA Regional Schutzhund Championship. He also has done several club trials in different states. Richard Wheeler is certified as a club level helper by USA and a Regional level helper by GSDCA-WDA. He is currently training a German Shepherd Dog, Dago Van Meerhout, as a potential sport prospect.


Breed Survey HelperJosh Markow has been involved in the sport of Schutzhund as both a handler and a helper for close to ten years. He is a certified helper with Schutzhund USA, and both a helper and a performance judge for the Working American Bulldog Association and the National Working Dog Association. Josh is also a certified Regional level helpher with GSDCA-WDA. He is currently raising a German Shepherd Dog, Goose von Hugelblick, as a potential sport prospect.


Registering for the Survey

The following documents must be submitted no later than the day of the breed survey:

1. Original USA-recognized pedigree showing proof of USA registration.

2. Original breed show rating book/card showing proof of breed show rating.

3. Original scorebook showing proof of AD, BH, and one performance title.

4. Original hip certificate showing proof of USA-recognized hip certification with tattoo number or microchip identification, if not entered on the pedigree.

5. Original breed survey report in cases of resurvey.

6. Original signature authorization form for dogs that are co-owned, unless previously submitted to the USA Breed Book Office (form available fromthe USA Breed Book Office).

7. Photocopy of USA membership card.