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Rhonda Southern
7071 Shell Road
Winston, GA 30187
Make checks payable to: SMASC


Our Generous Sponsors:

von den Oher Tannen Nadia Adams$500 value
O.G. Carolina German Shepherd Dog Club $250
It-BiteZ One stop shop for all K-9 training needsOur Vendor
Hunt German Shepherds Martha Hunt$200 value
Kennels von Lotta Yuliya Matvyeyeva$150
Ray Allen Professional K-9 EquipmentRaffle Items
Haus Spreitler Team Spreitler$100
Miguel A. Elguera SMASC Member$100
Canidae All Natural Pet Foods$75 value
Rhonda Southern SMASC Member$30
WT Metall Dog Trailers, Boxes, EquipmentCatalog Ad
Blue Ridge Beef Natural RAW Food for PetsCatalog Ad
Globalhaus German Shepherds The Globalhaus TeamCatalog Ad

Show Grounds

A diagram of the show grounds.               

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Our Trophy Sponsors

Class Trophy Amount Sponsor
Working MalesV1$200
Working FemalesV1$200
Young Dog (18-24) MalesSG1$100The Hound & Puss, LLC Natural and Organic Pet Food Store
Young Dog (18-24) FemalesSG1$100Haus Brezel German Shepherds Toni Brezel
Youth (12-18) MalesSG1$100
Youth (12-18) FemalesSG1$100
Senior Puppy MalesVP1$75
Senior Puppy FemalesVP1$75Britishblue Cattery Inga Fedorov
Junior Puppy MalesVP1$75
Junior Puppy FemalesVP1$75
Baby Puppy MalesVP1$75
Baby Puppy FemalesVP1$75
Veteran MalesV1$75
Veteran FemalesV1$75
Adult MalesSG1$50
Adult FemalesSG1$50