Fanta is a top quality female imported from Germany - a daughter of world-famous VA Quantum von Arminius
Fanta vom Dreieichenbuckel
Fanta is full of presence and carries the expression of her famous father Quantum von Arminius type

DOB: August 19, 2004
Hips a-fast normal

Show Results

VP1 - 1st place! 2005 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (6-9 month)

SG3 2006 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (12-18 month)

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Fanta is making friends Fanta at 3 months old. German Shepherd puppies are so cute! Fanta at 3 months old. She has some very big shoes to fill! High ball drive is evident at 3.5 months old. German Shepherds are graceful even as puppies German Shepherd is one of the smartest breeds in the world. High trainability makes them the most popular.
Quantum daughter portrait at 5 months old Bravery and curiosity are very important GSD traits Fanta shows wide ground covering trotting gait at 4.5 months old GSD portrait at 7 months old Structure of GSD can be evaluated at an early age Good prey drive is very important for a future Schutzhund dog Fanta plays in the Ocean German Shepherds love to play with water Fanta poses at 8 months old Dogs from German bloodlines often have great heads with smart and regal expression
Fanta comes from the small but distinguished Dreieichenbuchel German Shepherd kennel in Germany. “She is very large, powerful, and substantial, with very harmonious structure and movement” (SV judge Wilfried Scheld). Not only does she possess incredible conformation, but she also shows a very stable and sure temperament with good drives! Fanta is very friendly and social with people, but at the same time is an excellent watch dog – no one can come unnoticed to the gate! Special thanks to Martina Henkel for bringing Fanta to her SchH1 title with very good scores!

Fanta’s father’s name speaks for itself – world famous 2 x VA2 (BSZS) Quantum von Arminius SchH3. The quality of offspring he produces is hard to beat. Every year his offspring take very high places at the Sieger Show, including such absolut top accomplishments as VA1 (2006) Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3, Kkl1 and VA2 (2005) Cristal della Valle dei Rovi SchH3, Kkl1

Fanta’s mother, V Assi vom Dreieichenbuckel SchH 3, is an excellent producer too. She is the mother of VA4 (BSZS) Cindy vom Dreieichenbuckel SchH 3. I had the pleasure of meeting Assi and Cindy in person, and I was impressed with the intensity of their drives. The mother line is extremely important when it comes to conveying drives and character, this is why I am so excited to see that Fanta shows such excellent potential.

Fanta's Linebreeding:
5 - 5,5 in VA1 Uran vom Wildsteiger Land
5 - 3 in VA1 Jeck vom Noricum
VA8 (BSZS) Max della Loggia dei Mercanti SchH3 a2 SZ 1944110
VA6 (BSZS) Dux della Valcuvia SchH3 IP3 a-Italian SZ 2052621
V Una della Valcuvia SchH2 a-Ausland SZ 2086604
VA2 (BSZS) Quantum von Arminius SchH3 a2 SZ 2055i86
VA5 (BSZS) Shanto’s Xano SchH3 a1 SZ 1970074
V Only vom Wutachtal SchH1 a1 SZ 2010235
VA2 (It) Minka vom Drei Birkenzwinger SchH2 a1 SZ 1747480
VA1 (World Champ) Jeck vom Noricum SchH3 FH a3 SZ 1705812
V(BSZS) Yassko von der Roten Matter SchH3 a1 SZ 1869422
V4 (BSZS) Ostra vom Kirschental SchH1 HGH a1 SZ 1677886
V Assi vom Dreieichenbuckel SchH3 a1 SZ 2007299
V Olk vom Bergmannshof SchH3 a1 SZ 1858745
V Quenti aus Agrigento SchH2 a1 SZ 1944993
V Gusta aus Agrigento SchH1 a1 SZ 1860866
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