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Import, show handling and training, puppy classes available.

Show Handling and Training
Obedience and IPO Training
Imported puppies and adult dogs - direct from Germany
Visiting the Rhein in Germany, 2004 After researching and "living and breathing" the breed for over 20 years, and a decade of closely working with German breeders, I know exactly where to go and look for a dog that can enhance and improve the breed here in the USA. Whether you are looking for a fully trained family companion, a quality breeding dog, or a puppy, we offer world-class imported German Shepherd dogs and puppies for sale. Check our Import and Available pages often.

German breeders do not give a guarantee on their puppies, but we stand behind the quality of the puppies that we import and offer the same 2-year hip & elbow warranty as for our own puppies. Also, I will often personally travel to Germany and hand-pick the puppies to bring over - rest assured that you are getting the best this breed has to offer.
Show Handling
Handling Magie Haus Juris Good handling in the show ring is very important and may result in a much higher placing of your German Shepherd Dog. I have over 15 years experience showing German Shepherds under the SV system, both in Europe and the USA. I studied SV show-judging in Europe, so I know exactly what the judge is looking for in a GSD. I evaluate the dog that I am handling, and show him/her accordingly. I will gladly show your dog at any show that I am attending, for a very reasonable fee. Also, I invite a professional German handler to several shows each year, and will often have availability in some classes. Prior show-training and conditioning is occasionally available, as the best results at shows are achieved after a month or two of training.
Handling Magie Haus Juris Many people claim that they are dog trainers, however, the true masters are a very "rare breed." I am very fortunate to work closely with some of the best and accomplished trainers in the country - right here in Georgia. These trainers have titled multiple dogs from a puppy to the highest levels of Schutzhund competition (representing the USA in the world championships), treat their customers and dogs with respect, and can help you with your training needs.

If you are looking for a more obedient pet, AKC obedience, want to see what IPO (Schutzhund) is all about, or looking to train or tune up your next world level competition dog - give us a call! Private lessons, boarding, and boarding-training are also available, and at very competitive rates.
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