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getting a puppy from Kennels von Lotta
How does the process work?
A: Please take a look around our website and feel free to ask as questions. We can also set up an appointment for a visit to see our dogs in person. If you are new to the breed, we encourage you to visit a couple of conformation shows and working trials to see what these dogs are all about. We will ask you some questions. We will need to know about your plans and hopes for your puppy, and how you are planning to achieve them, your experience with dogs, and what kind of living situation your new puppy will have. When all is well, and you are certain that a German Shepherd puppy from our kennel is a good fit for you, we ask you to place a deposit. We maintain a waiting list for our puppies from the most litters.

The deposit is $500. Puppies are selected by the breeder in the order the deposits are received. Deposits are not refundable, but can be moved to a future litter BEFORE the reserved puppy is 4 weeks of age (only once). After the puppies are 4 weeks old, deposits cannot be moved and will be forfeited in case the customer decides not to get a puppy from the litter that they reserved. We accept checks, cash, wire transfers, and PayPal payments.

What is the price for a puppy?
A: The total price for a puppy is typically $3,000 - $4,000. Imported puppies are $5,000 - $6,000, including shipping from Germany to Atlanta, GA and our 2-year hip/elbow warranty. The price depends on the ratings and achievements of the parents and whether or not we had to fly to Germany with the female for a breeding.

Once I place a deposit, how long will it take before I get the puppy
A: It can usually take 2 to 6 months to get a puppy. We are a small kennel and produce a very limited number of puppies each year.

What if I want to pick my puppy out of the litter?
A: When we can, we will offer you a choice of puppies from the litter, but sometimes it's not possible. From my experience, often people are overwhelmed when looking at puppies, and it's not easy for them to make the best choice. I spend so much time with puppies that I usually can make a very good recommendation on which puppy is the best for you.

I don't plan to show or breed my puppy - can I get a discount?
A: If the puppy is of show quality, we are more than happy to still place her in a home where her main job is to be a companion and where she will be loved and spent a lot of time with. However, it doesn't change the quality of the puppy, and the price remains the same.

At what age will I be able to get my puppy?
A: Usually our puppies leave our kennel when they are 8 weeks old, after they’ve been mictochipped, wormed, and have received all necessary vaccinations according to their age.

Can I come over to look at puppies before they are 8 weeks old?
A: Puppies are very susceptible to disease and if a virus is introduced, an entire litter may be lost. We ask our visitors to avoid going to animal shelters, or other kennels prior to coming to Kennels von Lotta. When puppies are very young, their mother is usually very protective of them, and will get nervous knowing that there are strangers near her puppies. In addition, it is very difficult to evaluate puppies before they start moving around and playing with each other. We start welcoming visitors at about 4 weeks of age, but the best time to observe and evaluate puppies is after 7 weeks of age.

If I live too far away for personal pick up, how will I get my puppy?
A: Currently, airlines do not ship animals. If you live too far away to make the drive, it will be necessary to fly to Atlanta, GA to pick up your puppy. There will be an additional $130 fee for a health certificate. Puppies older than 8 weeks will be too big to travel with you in the cabin. We will not send a puppy with a ground animal transporter. Depending on our timeline, sometimes I will be able to deliver a puppy to your home for an additional fee, which depends on the distance.

Will the puppy arrive with the pedigree?
A: No. The paperwork necessary for obtaining an AKC registration certificate and a pedigree will arrive separately. We forward AKC paperwork to our customers as soon as we receive it, but it usually arrives when puppies are older than 8 weeks.

What can I do to give my puppy the best start?
A: There are two main things that will help your puppy develop well: socialization and diet. Please do not take them lightly! While your puppy is growing, you need to make a special effort to take her different places where she can meet people of different ages, other dogs, see traffic, hear different noises, etc – almost every day! Look at this as an additional responsibility that comes with owning a puppy. Making such an effort for a short period of time (just a few months) will dramatically impact the entire future life of your dog. As far as the diet goes, I have an article on this website on how to feed your puppy.

What if I want to breed my puppy in the future?
A: To safeguard our puppies and kennel name, we have a special policy when it comes to breeding dogs from Kennels von Lotta.

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