German Shepherd female Nemka vom Alpenhof
German Shepherd females at Kennles von Lotta: Quana, Fanta, Nemka, Handra Get to know our Females!

Strong females are the main building blocks of any breeding program. Our German Shepherd females are raised in a loving family environment and are well trained and taken care of. We feed them organic raw foods and natural dog foods and exercise them daily. They come from world-class bloodlines, known for their vitality, beauty, and working temperament, proven through the generations.

All German Shepherd females in our breeding program have certified healthy hips and elbows, are temperament tested, and very well trained. They are protective of our family, but friendly with our guests, very loyal, eager to please, and playful at any age. They are excellent house-dogs too. Lets us know if you'd like to come over and meet them personally!
Our Females
German Shepherd female
German Shepherd female
German Shepherd

DOB: June 29, 2018
SV Pink Papers, AKC registered, V (Excellent), BH, AD, IPO1, Kkl
Hips & Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 84), DM clear (n/n)

Father: V (Ger.), SG1 (USA Sieger) Solo von der Waterkant SchH3, Kkl, a1/a3 (VA8 (BSZS) Bojan vom Pendler son)
Mother: SG44 (BSZS), V Maike von Haus Kampen IPO2, Kkl, a2/a1 (VA8 (BSZS) Yuri vom Osterberger-Land daughter)

We imported Zindy from Germany, and could not be happier with this addition to KvL! Zindy is of perfect medium size and is a strong and powerful female. She is exceptionally pigmented with dark eyes and beautiful mahogany markings. Zindy loves people, has excellent play drive, and is an attentive and easy to care for mom. Zindy's world-class pedigree boasts the bloodlines of VA1 Pakros -> 2 x VA1 Vegas -> VA8 Bojan; 2 x VA1 Yasko -> VA3 Erasmus; VA6 Nando -> 2 x VA1 Mentos -> VA8 Yuri; and VA6 Arko in the first 4 generations. Zindy has no linebreeding in the first 5 generations. Combined with her overall fantastic health and lovely temperament, what an asset to the breed she is. Pedigree.
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd

DOB: November 28, 2020
AKC registered, microchip, SG rated
Hips & Elbows: a1/a2 (ZW 76), DM clear (n/n) by parentage
Father: VA6 (USA) Evil vom Eichenplatz IPO3, Kkl, a1/a1 (ZW 73) (VA3 BSZS Marlo von Baccara son)
Mother: VP3 (USA) Nessie von Lotta IPO1, Kkl, a1/a1 (2 x VA1 (BSZS) Remo vom Fichtenschlag granddaughter)

Sienna is our pick of the litter female from our distinguished "S" litter. Sienna is a large and solidly built female, with strong bone and wide chest. She is darkly pigmented with rare red sable color and deep red markings. She has excellent proportions, correct top and underline, and straight, solid movement. Sienna is very intelligent, sweet and affectionate. She is easy to train, and already well started in obedience. Both parents have the best German ratings a1 for hips and elbows and are proven producers of healthy dogs. Several World Champions and highest ranked in the world VA dogs ( VA Ray, VA Yakimo, 2 x VA Remo, VA9 Furbo, VA3 Dux) make for a very strong, 100% pure German pedigree. There is no linebreeding in the first 5 generations. Sienna continues the strong red sable Fichtenschlag motherline. Pedigree.
German Shepherd
German Shepherd
German Shepherd

DOB: July 27, 2021
AKC registered, microchip, SG, AD, ZAP
Hips & Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 81), DM a/n
Father: SG25 (BSZS) Vitali von der Bärenschlucht IPO3, Kkl, a1/a1 (V12 VA1(NL) Count-Ustinov Ybajo Hoeve son)
Mother: VP2 (USA), V (Ger) Sammy von Lotta IPO1, Kkl, a2/a1 (VA1 (BSZS) World Champ. Schumann von Tronje daughter)

Viva is a young female from our repeat "V" litter, bred in accordance with all German breeding regulations. She is absolutely gorgeous with deep red color and dark, expressive face. Correct proportions, strong build, and beautiful movement. Viva loves going for walks, car rides, and swimming. Just like her mother Sammy, Viva is a kind-natured dog with a great sense of humor. She is a playful, yet very obedient and easy to handle and live with dog. She gets along great with people of all ages, and dogs too. Viva's 5-gen pedigree is jam-packed with world-famous, Excellent Select dogs: VA2 Quantum, VA6 Nando, 2 x VA1 Vegas, VA9 Tiana, VA1 Zamp, VA1 Schumann, VA10 Tino, VA Paer, VA Etoo, etc. But to me the most valuable aspect of her pedigree is the fact that she continues a very distinguished 20+ years old, multi-generational strong motherline from Germany, known for stellar health, fantastic temperament, and beautiful movement. We acquired this motherline through her world-famous grandmother Wiva, and are very excited to see it continue flourish and develop in the USA. Viva is linebred 4-5 on VA2 Quantum and VA1 Pakros. Pedigree.
Our Retired German Shepherd Females
German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd

DOB: December 7, 2015
AKC registered, VP2 (USA), V (Excellent), BH, AD, IPO1, Kkl
Hips & Elbows: a2/a1 (ZW 92) DM clear (n/n)

Father: VA (BSZS), VA1 (USA) Schumann von Tronje SchH3, Kkl, a1/a1 (2X VA1(CN) V6 Dux de Intercanina son)
Mother: V12 (BSZS) VA1 (GSDCA) Wiva vom Zellwaldrand IPO2, Kkl, a2/a1 (VA (BSZS) Etoo aus Wattenscheid daughter)

Sammy is our pick of the litter from our world-class "S" litter. She is a medium sized female with very strong bone, perfect top and under line, correct proportions and lively, powerful movement. Sammy is intelligent above average, and is very driven, yet also very balanced in her temperament and a mellow house dog. She is very eager to please, and a great problem solver. Sammy came VP2 (Vice Siegerin) in an extremely competitive 4-6 months class at the USA Sieger Show in Indianapolis, and already has other wins under her belt at her young age. Sammy exceeded my expectations and has developed into a fine young adult! Additional pictures: 4 years.
Imported German Shepherd female
Imported German Shepherd female

DOB: November 22, 2011
SG24 (BSZS), SG1 & VA1 (N. Am. & GSDCA Siegerin), SV & AKC DNA, IPO2, DM a/n
Hips & Elbows: a2/a1 (ZW 91)

Father: VA6 (BSZS) Etoo aus Wattenscheid SchH3, a1/a1 (VA2 (Vice World Champ) Quenn vom Löher Weg grandson)
Mother: SG46 (BSZS) Waifa vom Zellwaldrand SchH1, a1/a1 (VA1 (KOR) Arex von Haus Neoplantum daughter)

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to add a world class female, Wiva vom Zellwaldrand to our program. It took a lot of research and a couple of trips to Germany, but it all paid off beyond my wildest dreams. Wiva is simply stunning, in her type and structure, perfectly stable and self confident temperament, and most notably, her powerful, free, and spirited movement. Fresh from the plane from Berlin to Düsseldorf to Chicago, Wiva won the 1st place in 12-18 class females in the North American Sieger Show 2012 with flying colors. This is not the first time that we imported a Sieger or Siegerin, but Wiva is a special case. Prior to that, she was placed 24th in the World Sieger Show in Germany (BSZS), out of about 300 young females entered in her class. I can go on and on, however, I will let her speak for herself as she joins our breeding program in 2013. Additional pictures of Wiva: Pic 1, Pic 2.
German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd puppy
German Shepherd Polina

DOB: August 26, 2011
AKC registered, BHOT, High IPO1, Kkl, DM a/n
Hips & Elbows: a1/a1 (ZW 79)

Father: SG1 (USA Sieger), V1 Solo von der Waterkant SchH3, Kkl1, a1/a3 (ZW 76) (VA8 (BSZS) Bojan vom Pendler son)
Mother: V2 Pola Einsamer Wolf SchH2, Kkl1, a1/a1 (ZW 83) (VA2 (World Vice Champ) Quenn vom Löher Weg daughter)

Polina is my pick of the litter female from our "P" litter. She is a very intelligent, sweet, affectionate, playful, and energetic female, but also knows how to relax and is an excellent house dog. She is fun to train with in IPO, and has an incredible nose in tracking, strong desire to please in obedience, and super drives for working. She has an instant and reliable recall off-leash, even under distractions, and is just a happy, positive, willing, and extremely loyal girl. Polina was rated VP10 (Very Promising) at the USA Sieger Show (out of 22 puppies), and also SG12 in the North American Sieger show (out of 30 females), as well as V3 (Excellent 3rd place) at the GSDCA Sieger Show in the working class. Polina has a very elegant presence, free movement, and is sturdy and not over- angulated. We are looking forward to Polina's successful future!
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