Handra's pedigree combines the best working dogs of Germany and Belgium
Handra vom Alyeska - pure working bloodlines
Working dog mind in a show dog body
Handra's self-confidence is unbelievable West German and Belgium working lines combined

DOB: March 15, 2004

Show Results

VP4 2005 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (9-12 month)
SG6 2005 GSDCA-WDA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (12-18 month)

Picture Gallery of Handra - a working dog from Karthago, Getevallei, and Burenswald lines
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Handra swims confidently as a young pup Great ball drive! Beautiful picture of a working dog Very energetic and agile, Handra knows how to relax too Ready for the next throw Serious expression of a working dog Handra
Beware of Dog! Handra protects our family without joking around Handra is learning to retrieve Outstanding structure at 7 months old Powerful and floating gait of a working dog Handra looks weightless while trotting Running after her ball. Strong ball drive is essential in SchH training. Schtzhund training with Wallace Payne - 2004 National Champion Handra has top-level drives - pictured at 11 months old Handra loves nothing more than a hard full bite on a sleeve in Schutzhund training
Handra is a very special German Shepherd Dog. She is powerful and substantial, of perfect medium size, with a nice broad chest and excellent bone strength. She is very deeply pigmented with a rare blanketed color pattern and wonderful warm apricot markings. We are very excited with her rare - for a pure working line dog - show results!

Handra’s pedigree combines some of the best working dogs of Germany and Belgium. She has very intense and very balanced drives – something that many German Shepherd Dogs lack today. She has rock-solid nerves, is very outgoing with an open temperament, and she is the most athletic and agile dog I’ve ever seen! Her drives are unbelievable, but at the same time she is not hard-headed at all. Training with her couldn’t be easier, as she is willing to do somersaults for a ball. Her “Setz” and “Platz” are lightening fast, and she shows great speed during recall and send-out exercises. Not every male has a grip as full and hard as Handra’s!

Handra’s father, Klicko von Karthago SchH 3, (SchH3: A:100 B:93 C: 96 = 289 , A-Normal, ZW 77) was imported from the famous German working line Kennel “Karthago.” Klicko is the full brother of Kimbo von Karthago, who placed 32nd in the 2002 Bundessiegerprufung! Klicko is a large and very substantial stallion type male with incredible presence. In protection, Klicko possesses an amazing grip and incredible power. Klicko's bloodlines are also very impressive, with lines to Mink, Crok, Gildo, Afra, Xando and Timmy! Klicko has already sired many successful litters in Europe.

Handra’s mother, Xinet von Getevallei, is an import from Belgium, a very serious and athletic bitch with wonderful drives. Xinet's pedigree contains some of the best working lines in Belgium: Igor von der Herdgang, Fado von Karthago (1989 WUSV World Schutzhund Champion), Link von Muikenshof (1991 WUSV World Schutzhund Champion). Xinet's father is the very impressive WUSV competitor, Ugo vom Burenswald SchH 3 IP3. Xinet has had 6 superb litters to date and has produced top-level Schutzhund dogs as well as Police K-9s, SAR dogs and Military dogs.

Handra's Linebreeding:
5 - 5 in Afra vom Stoppenberger Land
G Crok vom Erlenbusch SchH3 (SG-BSP) a1 SZ 1735116
SG Theseus von Karthago SchH 3 FH1 a1 SZ 1880633
SG Zeta von Karthago SchH2 a2 SZ 1716219
Klicko von Karthago SchH3 a1 SZ 2023405
SG Half vom Ruhbachtal SchH3 FH1 (G-BSP) a1 SZ 1970074
SG Flexie von Karthago SchH3 a1 SZ 1922387
G Anja vom Kerpener-Land SchH1 a1 SZ 1836854
Igor von der Herdgang t SchH3 IP3 PH1 WUSV 93 KNPV HD:B NHSB 1.715.106
G Ugo van Burenswald SchH3 IP3 WUSV VVDH A 1/2
Pia Akbar SchH3 IP3 a1 LOSH 0665948
Xinet von Getevallei HD:B LOSH 0829201
SG Link vom Muikenshof SchH3 IP3 FH, 5xWUSV a1 SZ 1899060
Tascha von Getevallei SchH3 a1 LOSH 0751683
Nena von Getevallei SchH3 a1 LOSH 0629219
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