Nemka vom Alpenhof
Amur - a Soviet type GSD of the early 80s

I have been passionate about German Shepherd Dogs for as long as I can remember. When I was a toddler, my family had an awesome German Shepherd male, Amur, and I am sure his silent devoted guardianship and endurance of tail pulling gave the start to my passion for these dogs.

All during my childhood I begged my parents to get me a GSD, I dreamed about it, and studied all I could find about this breed. It was only at 14 years old that I got my first precious puppy. I gave her the French-sounding name Yutana de Lotta (Lotta for short).
Lotta - the inspiration of Kennels von Lotta Lotta combined West German show lines and Scandinavian working lines, and possessed remarkable beauty and a solid gold temperament. She was a one-person dog and she changed my life forever. I lived in Eastern Europe at that time, and she accompanied me everywhere - for security and for pleasant company. I always walked her off-leash, even in busy city streets. She listened to my every word, and other people did not exist for her. She knew to never cross the street without my permission, even if there was a stray cat on the other side!

I became a member of a local GSD club, attended every class and seminar on GSD available, took Lotta to training sessions (she was undeniably the smartest dog in the class), and eventually took SV judge courses and started my apprenticeship at shows. However, being in the ring and handling a dog was the most exciting thing for me, and I truly enjoyed the months-long SV handler training. This is how I became a handler under the SV system.

Now, Lotta is gone, and as a tribute to her memory, my husband and I have established a kennel, “von Lotta” (“from Lotta” in German), where we strive to breed dogs as perfect as Lotta was, so that other people can experience the happiness of having a well-balanced GSD.

As an afterthought, shouldn't Lotta have her own little gallery? Of course she should. Here it is:
Lotta 1.5 years old Lotta 5 years old Lotta 6 years old Lotta 9 years old Lotta 10 years old Lotta 10 years old Lotta 11 years old Lotta 11 years old Lotta 11 years old
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