Nemka vom Alpenhof
Nemka vom Alpenhof - daughter of V3 Yak vom Frankengold
Nemka vom Alpenhof
Nemka vom Alpenhof Nemka vom Alpenhof

DOB: May 20, 2003
BH, Hips & Elbows a-normal (ZW 83)

Show Results

VP1 – 1st place! 2003 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (6-9 month)

SG4 (#4 youth dog in the country!) 2004 USA Sieger Show in Nashville! (12-18 month)

SG1 – 1st place! 2004 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Championship (18-24 month)

SG1 – 1st place! 2005 USA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show (18-24 month)
Picture gallery of German Shephard Nemka from puppy to adult
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Nemka just arrived from Canada GSD puppy Nemka tracking GSD puppy at 4 months old GSD puppy at 4.5 months old Nice grip! Nemka knows how to make those sad puppy eyes
4.5 months old puppy Nemka can be serious too! Nemka is guarding her territory Stunning beauty of a 5 months old German puppy Getting ready for American Idol auditions Nemka at full speed GSD is a very agile dog Show dog in her glorry GSDs love to take part in everything you do Nemka and her trophies - at just 18 months old!
Nemka is the Alpha dog in our kennel. She is our Canadian import and she has an interesting, “fresh,” Ursus-free pedigree. We decided to purchase her after a year of careful research; she was clearly the pick of the litter. She is a very large, strong, and strikingly beautiful female. Her outstanding pigment and powerful roomy gait are praised by judges at every show! She has extensive black areas, a dark face, beautifully set ears, and deep red color. Whenever I take her for a walk, I get compliments on her beauty.

She is the perfect family dog – affectionate, gentle in the house, and very protective of our family. She’s eager to please and is extremely easy to train. She recently earned her BH and is working on her SchH1 title.

Nemka’s father, V3 (BSZS) Yak vom Frankengold SchH 3, lives in Germany. He is an accomplished young dog with a bright future. He won V3 at the German Sieger Show in 2002! This is an awesome achievement for such a young dog, and we expect to see him go VA in the near future. He is one of the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen. He is also known for his great bite work.

Nemka’s mother, V Orka vom Kirschental SchH 1, was imported to Canada from the famous German “Kirschental” kennel. She comes from pure German show and herding lines. Her mother line’s herding titles are testimony to high intelligence down the generations. I had the pleasure to meet Orka in person – a very beautiful and outgoing female, with awesome drives.

“Nemka” means “German girl” in Russian.

Nemka's Linebreeding:
5 - 4 in VA1 Jeck vom Noricum
5 - 5 in V Anett vom Noricum
Pedigree of Nemka vom Alpenhof
V Dorijan vom Yohaness Berg SchH 3 a1 SZ 1940816
V1 (BSZS) Hoss vom Larchenhain SchH 3 IP 3 a1 SZ 1996729
V Tina von Arminius SchH 3 IP 3 FH 1 a1 SZ 1864989
V3 (BSZS) Yak vom Frankengold SchH 3 a1 SZ 2062225
VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti SchH 3 a2 SZ 1944110
VA14 Lea vom Holtkamper See SchH 3 a1 SZ 1972731
VA11 Perle vom Salzgitter Milieu SchH 3 a1 SZ 1865620
VA1 (World Champ) Ulk von Arlett SchH 3 a-Ital SZ 1769704
V (BSZS) Idol von der Jahnhohe SchH 3 FH1 a1 SZ 1906294
VA Marit vom Wildsteiger Land SchH 3 a1 SZ 1737627
V Orka vom Kirschental SchH 1 a1 SZ 2023008
V Josker vom Kirschental SchH 1 HGH a1 SZ 1852209
V (LGZS) Xissie vom Kirschental HGH a1 SZ 1933714
V Amie vom Kirschental HGH a2 SZ 1695211
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