German Shepherds are very intelligent and devoted dogs
If you own an established SV style GSD kennel and are interested in adding a puppy from
Kennels von Lotta to your breeding program, please contact us to discuss.

What you will find below is our way of insuring the well-being of each von Lotta puppy and protecting the integrity of the breed.

AKC Registration Policy for “von Lotta” puppies    
(does not apply to imported puppies)
Initially your puppy is sold with limited AKC registration. This means that you cannot register litters from this dog with the AKC. If you become interested in breeding your dog later on, the
limitation can be removed from the registration, and all the terms listed below will apply.

1. Your puppy’s hips and elbows must pass OFA or SV (a-stamp) evaluation, and some training must be done with the dog. This means that at least a BH must be achieved. AKC “good citizen” title alone does not count. Also, the dog must get a show rating of at least SG.

2. When the three criteria above are met, and the dog is at least 20 months old, I will remove the limitation from the dog’s registration.

We are always open to co-ownership possibilities for the best puppies, including our imported puppies. Please contact us for details.
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