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The Sieger show (Bundessieger-Zuchtschau) was held in Ulm (South Germany) this year on September 2 - 4, 2005. Almost 3000 German Shepherd Dogs were entered to compete in this spectacular event! The Sieger show is the culmination of a year of hard work for breeders, trainers, handlers, and their families in the effort to create that perfect German Shepherd Dog.

In Germany, German Shepherds are judged in three main classes only:
1. Youth Class (Age 12 - 18 months)
2. Young Dog Class (Age 18 - 24 months)
3. Working Dog Class (Dogs are older than 2 years that have at least SchH1 working title).

There are also Herding Dog Classes for dogs that are being used in active sheep-herding.

Dogs in the Working Dog Classes have to pass a bite-work exam before they proceed to their structure and movement examination. During this exam they must exhibit self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress. They have to take a good bite on the sleeve during a surprise attack from the blind and during a courage test. At the same time they must show absolute obedience and remain amenable to control of the handler.

Working Class male taking a bite after the attack from the blindThis year’s show started on Friday with protection work for both males and females going on simultaneously on two halves of a soccer field. It was very difficult to keep an eye on both rings! The helpers who worked the Sieger show were the same helpers who work the BSP (working dogs Schutzhund competition), so the bitework was very challenging for some dogs.

There were dogs, however who evoked the appreciation of the crowd by their courageous and powerful performances. Some of the dogs that impressed me the most were: Karat’s Ulk, Hero vom Spitalfeld (Quartz dei Templari), Ebro von der Piste Trophe (Xadro von Bad-Boll), Bello von der Piste Trophe (Larus von Batu), Percy vom Wolkenstein (Indo von der Bildeiche), Tim vom Frankengold (Esto van Noort), Boy vom Tönsbrock (Ando Altenberger Land), and others. The protection work started at 7:30 in the morning, and they were still going strong at 6 pm when we were leaving the stadium, exhausted. The Open Class dogs that passed the courage test proceeded to the stand examination that was already going on for the Youth and Young Dog groups on separate fields.

During the stand examination the judges evaluated the dogs’ structure and movement and decided in which ring this particular dog will compete according to its quality. Depending on the number of dogs entered in each class, they were divided into 3 or 4 rings with ring number 1 consisting of the best dogs, and ring number 4 consisting of the “worst” dogs, who were all of amazingly high quality nevertheless.

VA2 Quantum von Arminius is getting ready to lead his progeny group around the stadium.On Saturday the progeny groups were evaluated. It was amazing to see how each of these remarkable producers led his progeny group, so distinct and similar to the famous father. For some males the progeny group almost formed a complete circle around the stadium. VA2 Quantum von Arminius had the largest progeny group this year, the quality was outstanding!

After the presentation of the progeny groups, the judging of the rings began in each class, starting with the lowest and moving up. The 1st rings were left to be judged on Sunday. It was impossible to see them all and we had to choose what classes were of most interest to us and miss the others. The quality of young animals presented was unbelievable. The first 3 to 5 best dogs in each ring were transferred into the higher ring so that they had a chance to compete again. I spent most of my time watching the Youth class females and I noticed that there were very few large animals among them. Most dogs were rather small, and some were medium sized. This is a reflection of the SV’s move towards improvement of size, as too many extremely large dogs were awarded high placings in the recent past. We also watched the 2nd ring Youth class males. Most of them were stunning, which left us impatient to see the 1st ring on Sunday. I was very pleased to notice that one of the males in the second ring was a cross between show lines (Ghandi von Arlett) and working lines. This was a gorgeous solidly pigmented and nicely structured male with great drives.

VA6 Dux de Quatro Flores, VA5 Zamp vom Thermodos, and VA7 Marko della Valcuvia - before the final order was establishedThe finale of the show was on Sunday. The weather was beautiful during all three days of the show and we were so excited to see it all. The judging of the Youth and Young dog classes took place early in the morning. Soon after that, the 20 best Youth class females were presented at the main field of the stadium, followed by the males. They were all beautiful and it was noticed that the ten best females were Ursus-free. The winner of the class, Vanta vom Höchstadter Wappen, was in top condition and was presented by her very young owner who raised this puppy herself. Six out of the twenty best females in this class were sired by Zamp vom Thermodos, who was awarded VA5 later in the day.

The first rings of dogs over 24 months were judged at the main field in front of spectators, who filled almost the entire stadium by now. Females were presented first. The competition was very challenging due to the high quality of animals. From the very beginning Tabata du Val D’Anzin (last year’s VA2) was placed 1st. She presented herself beautifully, distinct from all the other dogs in her royal expression and movement. The dogs had to make many circuits around the field, and many changes were made in their positioning. Tabata stayed on top the entire time. There was a similar situation in Working Class males. They entered the field led by Larus, whose presence and beautiful trot stayed unchanged during the entire showing. However there were a lot of changes in position among the other dogs in this class as well. The one that provoked the most enthusiastic cheering was the move of Quantum von Arminius from 3rd to 2nd position, which left Erasmus van Noort to be 3rd this year again. Zamp vom Thermodos, Quantum’s son, moved up several places as well.

Unofficial Sieger Show 2005 results:

Gebrauchshundklasse Rüden (Working Class Males):
VA1 – Larus von Batu (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Jitta von Batu)
VA2 – Quantum von Arminius (Dux della Valcuvia x Only vom Wutachtal)
VA3 – Erasmus van Noort (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Alke van Noort)
VA4 – Pakros d’Ulmental (Bax von der Luisenstrasse x Karma vom Ochsentor)
VA5 – Zamp vom Thermodos (Quantum von Arminius x Ute vom Thermodos)
VA6 – Dux de Cuatro Flores (Hill vom Farbenspiel x Lina von Arminius)
VA7 – Marko della Valcuvia (Dux della Valcuvia x Simba della Valcuvia)
VA8 – Quenn vom Löher Weg (Uran vom Moorbeck x Elsa vom Kuckucksland)
VA9 – Nando vom Gollerweihler (Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg x Zindy vom Bierstadter Hof)
V1 – Karat’s Yoker (Ursus von Batu x Karat’s Olly)
V2 – Ken vom Elzmündungsraum (Solo von Frutetto x Zora vom Elzmündungsraum)
V3 – Bravos vom Steffen Haus (Esko vom Dänischen Hof x Holly von der Maleiche)
V4 – Janos von der Noriswand (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Rimona von der Noriswand)
V5 – Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park (Wallace aus Agrigento x Heilei’s True-Love)
V6 – Yimmy v. Contra (Larus von Batu x Leah v. Contra)
V7 – Timo von der Jahnhöhe (Wallace aus Agrigento x Casandra von der Jahnhöhe)
V8 – Mark vom Schwalmbergtal (Henry von der Dunieschenke x Ira vom Schwalmbergtal)
V9 – Dux v. Jabora (Maffay von Arminius x Kelsey v. Jabora)
V10 – Flipp von Arlett (Ghandi von Arlett x Vienchen von Arlett)
V11 – Xaro d’Ulmental (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof x Raya d’Ulmenta)
V12 – Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg (Enzo von Buchhorn x Pia vom St.-Michaels-Berg)
V13 – Bob von der Grafenburg (Ost) (Dux della Valcuvia x Conda vom Wolkenstein)
V14 – Solo vom Team Fieremereck (Nero vom Nöbachtal x Zala vom Fieremereck)
V15 – Zello vom Arkanum (Orbit von Tronje x Tina vom Arkanum)
V16 – Campino von der Piste Trophe (Nero vom Nöbachtal x Yasmin vom Ritterberg)
V17 – Dark von Batu (Chuck von der Lust x Jetta von Batu)
V18 – Tabo vom Zellwaldrand (Hill vom Farbenspiel x Olivia von der Wilhelmswarte)
V19 – Aiko vom Goldenen Zweig (Niklas van de Herdersfarm x Irina vom Wildsteiger Land)
V20 – Tim vom Frankengold (Esto van Noort x Anuschka vom Frankengold)

Gebrauchshundklasse Hündinnen (Working Class Females):
VA1 – Tabata du Val D’Anzin (Ursus von Batu x Ronda du Val D’Anzin)
VA2 – Cristal della Valle dei Rovi (Quantum von Arminius x Rakel della Valle dei Rovi)
VA3 – Oprah di Fossombrone (Bax von der Luisenstrasse x Patty della Cerza)
VA4 – Häsel vom Streek (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof x Jacky von der Zomerdijkslanden)
VA5 – Anta von der Harten (Gorbi von der Harten x Rima von der Harten)
VA6 – Wafa di Casa Cacozza ( Marko della Valcuvia x Xonda della Loggia dei Mercanti)
VA7 – Xara vom Agilolfinger (Larus von Batu x Karma vom Ochsentor)
VA8 – Farina von der Noriswand (Orbit von Tronje x Umelli von der Noriswand)
VA9 – Zadana vom Holkämper See (Yak vom Frankengold x Wari vom Holkämper See)
VA10 – Atrice von Regina Pasic (Rickor von Arlett x Taminia vom Lärchenhain)
VA11 – Zora vom Ochsentor (Bax von der Luisenstrasse x Feli vom Ochsentor)
VA12 - Chakira vom Osterberger-Land (Esko vom Dänischen Hof x Saskia vom Osterberger-Land)
V1 - Oduscha vom Team Fiemereck (Kliff vom Trollbachtal x Magda vom Fiemereck)
V2 - Osaka von der Noriswand (Erasmus van Noort x Clia von der Noriswand)
V3 - Frenzi vom Phönix-See (Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park x Queen vom Phönix-See)
V4 - Texane du Domaine du Val d'Aulnoy (Owen du Fosse de Norva x Prissia du Domaine du Val d'Aulnoy)
V5 - Thomsebo Jatzi (Arak vom Frankengold x Haus Haargaard Ida)
V6 - Melli von Batu (Fedor vom Steinway-Park x Ortie von Batu)
V7 - Boogie vom Ochsentor (Yak vom Frankengold x Feli vom Ochsentor)
V8 - Boa von Arline (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Angie vom Dusrani)
V9 - Tambka vom Dreisbachtal (Ghandi von Arlett x Kira vom Dreisbachtal)
V10 - Gitte vom Haus Babilon (Wallace aus Agrigento x Tinka vom Haus Babilon)
V11 - Ivett vom Hawelkaweg (Benno vom Hohen-Haus x Olivia vom Hawelkaweg)
V12 - Fanny di Val del Lambro (Ikarus vom Bad Wäldle x Margot di Casa Beggiato)
V13 - Rimini von Tronje (Petz von Arlett x Ussi von Arlett)
V14 - Ulli von Aurelius (Nero vom Nöbachtal x Prisca del Lagorai)
V15 - Roxi de Intercanina (Quando vom Sofienwald x Gwendy von der Vallendarer Höhe)
V16 - Eve vom Wingerts-Graben (Quirin vom Hochmoor x Esprit von Pallas Athene)
V17 - Ortie von Batu (Vantor von Batu x Ica von Batu)
V18 - Ines vom Trafalga (Pascha von der Jahnhöhe x Goldie vom Staufen)
V19 - Rimini vom Suentelstein (Viktor von der Freiheit Westerholt x Isa vom Suentelstein)
V20 - Yella von Arlett (Hoss vom Lärchenhain x Wendrina von der Kahler Heide)

Junghundklasse Rüden (Young Dog Class males):
SG1 – Odin vom Holtkämper Hof (Yak vom Frankengold x Riska vom Holtkämper See)
SG2 – Yenno vom Hühnegrab (Larus von Batu x Betty vom Hühnegrab)
SG 3 - Scott aus Agrigento (Quantum von Arminius x Kamilla vom Römerland)
SG 4 - Bazi von der Urbecke (Quando vom Sofienwald x Ertha von der Urbecke)
SG 5 - Aron della Terra dei Forti (Mack von Aducht x Alina)
SG 6 - Tiras vom Roten Feld (Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg x Sindy vom Roten Feld)
SG 7 - Tor di Casa Nobili (Marko della Valcuvia x Dea di Casa Nobili)
SG 8 - Ugo v. Haus Thalie (Flipp von Arlett x Roxane du Val D’Anzin)
SG 9 - Luis vom Arnsberger Klosterberg (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof x Vanessa von der Bonewie)
SG 10 - Dingo von der Tscheppaschlucht (Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloß x Trixi vom Hunnenrain)
SG 11 - Nando della Valcuvia (Wallace aus Agrigento x Raissa degli Arvali)
SG 12 - Gold Szenberg (Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloß x Diuna Szenberg)
SG 13 - Ilbo vom Holtkämper See (Yak vom Frankengold x Edna vom Holtkämper See)
SG 14 - Losso vom Schloß Weitmar (Quantum von Arminius x Jäcci vom Schloß Weitmar)
SG 15 - Uras von der Brucknerallee (Yak vom Frankengold x Olivia von Aducht)
SG 16 - Yanox von Bad-Boll (Larus von Batu x Eska von der Bildeiche)
SG 17 - Yappo von der Kahler Heide (Mischale von der Kahler Heide x Shanda von der Kahler Heide)
SG 18 - Bijou vom Freese Land (Yak vom Frankengold x Jonda vom Holtkämper See)
SG 19 - Sven vom Zellergrund (Stenley vom Lehnhof x Nancy vom Zellergrund)
SG 20 - Fernet von der Grafenburg (Ost) (Lauser vom Emkendorfer Park x Year vom Niemberger Eck)

Junghundklasse Hündinnen (Young Dog Class females):
SG 1 - Anja vom Agilolfinger (Dux della Valcuvia x Ona vom Lärchenhain)
SG 2 - Yonna vom Hühnegrab (Larus von Batu x Betty vom Hühnegrab)
SG 3 - Häsel vom Osterberger-Land (Orbit von Tronje x Mirka vom Osterberger-Land)
SG 4 - Quirina vom Bierstadter-Hof (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof x Feli vom Ochsentor)
SG 5 - Megan della Ciavasca (Lux di Casa Lupo x Foxi della Foppa dei Boschi)
SG 6 - Zecke von Trafalga (Quatro von der Baiertalerstrasse x Jara von Trafalga)
SG 7 - Jackie vom Wäschtengraben (Ghandi von Arlett x Bonnie vom Wäschtengraben)
SG 8 – Tea di Casa Nobili (Marko della Valcuvia x Dea di Casa Nobili)
SG 9 - Vida Armandia Lidderdali (Esko vom Dänischen Hof x Anna aus Agrigento)
SG 10 - Ladriel von Aducht (Stano vom Hasenborn x Orka vom Haus-Fahrig)
SG 11 - Yasmin v. Nieuwlandshof (Erik von der Ehrenfeste x Yelena di Fossombrone)
SG 12 - Vally von Aurelius (Ghandi von Arlett x Prisca del Lagorai)
SG 13 - Lie vom Starkenburg-Blick (Quantum von Arminius x Yenny vom Starkenburg-Blick)
SG 14 - Danni vom Poxdorfer-Tannenhof (Karat’s Yoker x Pippa vom Wildsteiger Land)
SG 15 – Carma degli Achei (Fimo degli Arvali x Milla di Casa D’Aloia)
SG 16 - Vana du Val d'Anzin (Flipp von Arlett x Tabata du Val D’Anzin)
SG 17 - Team Paka's Daria (Canto vom Frankengold x Emindos Selma)
SG 18 - Lana von der Zenteiche (Stano vom Hasenborn x Xana von der Zenteiche)
SG 19 – Holly von Arminius 2000 (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Agfa von Arminius)
SG 20 – Karma von Regina Pacis (Larus von Batu x Fanny vom Germannshof)

Jugendklasse Rüden (Youth Class males):
SG 1 - Vegas du Haut Mansard (Pakros d’Ulmental x Rangune du Haut Mansard)
SG 2 - Sony von der Neudenauer Holzsteige (Ando vom Altenberger Land x Yana vom Schloß Rosenfels)
SG 3 - Winner vom Assaut (Quantum von Arminius x Pat vom Assaut)
SG 4 - Cello von Haus Yü (Lukas von Haus Yü x Gina von Haus Yü)
SG 5 - Zidan vom Grabfeldgau (Zamp vom Thermodos x Xella vom Thermodos)
SG 6 - Quantum vom Fiemereck (Rocky vom Haus Tepferd x Rabea vom Fiemereck)
SG 7 - Kenzo von der Grafenburg (Ost) (Ghandi von Arlett x Janny vom Fürstenberg)
SG 8 - Arex von Panoniansee (Unix vom Kapellenberg x Aischa vom Thaipan)
SG 9 - Negus vom Holtkämper See (Zamp vom Thermodos x Raica vom Holtkämper See)
SG 10 - Iman vom Hühnegrab (Karat’s Yoker x Medi vom Hühnegrab)
SG 11 - Jaguar vom Arkanum (Karat’s Yoker x Zambia vom Arkanum)
SG 12 - Merlin vom Osterberger-Land (Nero vom Nöbachtal x Mirka vom Osterberger-Land)
SG 13 - Tony degli Achei (Larus von Batu x Quali von Arminius)
SG 14 - Olafo aus dem Haus Zygadto (Marko della Valcuvia x Mascha Karanberg)
SG 15 - Volpo v. Haus Thalie (Karat’s Yoker x Zambia v. Melidius)
SG 16 - Xandro v. Hause Monika (Erik von Ehrenfeste x Biene vom Bürgerspital)
SG 17 - Vritz de la Huche Normande (Fritz vom Farbenspiel x S’Xandra de la Huche Normande)
SG 18 - Cid von der Noriswand (Janos von der Noriswand x Babette von der Noriswand)
SG 19 - Gandi von der Plassenburg (Zamp vom Thermodos x Urma von Buchonia)
SG 20 - Baran von Bad-Boll (Zamp vom Thermodos x Sindi vom Fürstenstein)

Jugendklasse Hündinnen (Youth Class females):
SG 1 - Vanta vom Höchstadter Wappen (Janos von der Noriswand x Kindi vom Treinzbachtal)
SG 2 - Chiara vom Steffen Haus (Zamp vom Thermodos x Holly von der Maleiche)
SG 3 - Hilvi vom Hühnegrab (Pakros d’Ulmental x Fena vom Hühnegrab)
SG 4 - Yackina aus Agrigento (Karat’s Yoker x Uganda aus Agrigento)
SG 5 - Jojo vom Zellwaldrand (Iso vom Zellwaldrand x Orla vom Feuermelder)
SG 6 - Pania dell' Alto Pino (Zamp vom Thermodos x Sally dell' Alto Pino)
SG 7 - Elvy vom Dänischen Hof (Zamp vom Thermodos x Pischa vom Lärchenhain)
SG 8 - Quanta v.b. Harten (Bax von der Luisenstrasse x Anta v.b. Harten)
SG 9 - Paula vom Kuckucksland (Zamp vom Thermodos x Zambia von Arminius)
SG 10 - Tiffany vom Pendler (Bojan von der Ostfriesischen Thingstätte x Puckie von der Ostfriesischen Thingstätte)
SG 11 - Ubara von der Bärenschlucht (Gonzalez von Tronje x Holly vom Robinson Park)
SG 12 - Demi v. Santamar (Hill vom Farbenspiel x Nordblick’s Lycka)
SG 13 - Fendi v. Gerianian Hoff (Hill vom Farbenspiel x Ellen della Grande Valle)
SG 14 - Qualli vom Kuckucksland (Pakros d’Ulmental x Repitition Amanda)
SG 15 - Osaka vom Fichtenschlag (Zamp vom Thermodos x Yonka vom Fichtenschlag)
SG 16 - Qually vom Grauen (Quantum von Arminius x Mocca vom Grauen)
SG 17 - Emma vom Klostermoor (Zamp vom Thermodos x Angera vom Alten Rittergut)
SG 18 - Anna vom Lehnhof (Esko vom Dänischen Hof x Evita vom Leinder Land)
SG 19 - Perle vom Türkenkopf (Yasko vom Farbenspiel x Hilla vom Türkenkopf)
SG 20 - Aishe vom Elzmündungsraum ((Esko vom Dänischen Hof x Xantia vom Elzmündungsraum)

Congratulations to all breeders, owners and handlers. I apologize for any possible mistakes in the list of winners.


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