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F-litter von Lotta at 8 days oldWhoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies

Our "F" litter puppies were born January 19, 2008, 6 males and 5 females. They are developing very nicely and are at the cuttest, huggable stage. A very uniform litter that should produce some nice working/show dogs, as well as family companions. At 4 weeks of age, they enjoy goats milk, cottage cheese with egg and yogurt, and fresh raw ground beef. They are also still nursing. They are very curious and some of them "talk back" to me when I tell them something exciting.
If you are interested in one of these puppies, please contact us for more information and to check availability. If you are interested in breeding your von Lotta puppy in the future, please see our policy.

Below are my first impressions of the puppies when they were only 4 weeks old.
F litter
Olive Collar Female

Olive Collar Female is very nicely put together, with an intelligent and witty expression. She is an especially large, substantial girl with excellent black and red colors. She is one of the most active puppies in the litter and is a super working prospect. She should be very easy to train and will prefer a home that appreciates dogs with drive.

Orange Collar Female

Orange Collar Female has her dad's expression and is the darkest pigmented female in this litter. She has large head, well developed chest, and beautiful black and red colors. She is very outgoing and playful. Additional image here.

Red Collar Female

Red Collar Female, with her substance, luxurious coat, and black and red colors, will be a real head turner. She is large, with very strong bone, and is very sweet and playful.

Pink Collar Female
Pink Collar Female

Pink Collar Female is a very large and substanial pup, with strong bone and intelligent expression. Great structure! She is energetic, playful, and outgoing.

Maroon Collar Female
Maroon Collar Female

Maroon Collar Female is one of the biggest females, beautifully structured with high wither. Her awesome full coat is colored deep red and black. She is very sweet and outgoing. Additional image here.

Yellow Collar Male

Yellow Collar Male is one of the largest males in the litter and is very handsome, with very dark pigment and correct structure, just like Yash. He is a fearless, outgoing, and playful pup. Additional image here.

Olive Collar Male

Olive Collar Male has very heavy bone and handsome black and red colors. His structure is noticable too: typical of his father, with correct proportions and high wither. He is very outgoing and playful, and should be very easy to train. Additional image here.

Orange Collar Male

Orange Collar Male is very darkly pigmented, a real head-turner kind of guy. He has nice strong bone and full coat, which only adds to his substance. He is a sweet boy and is very attentive to me. Additional image here.

Violet Collar Female

Violet Collar Male is very large and substantial, and he's absolutely the best eater. He is so handsome with his long coat, which will give him a lion-like appearance when he is all grown up. Beautifull black and red color too. He is energetic and loves to play with me, or with his brothers and sisters. Additional image here.

Blue Collar Male

Blue Collar Male is very solidly put together, with strong chest, head and heavy bone. He is very well pigmented and has harmonious structure. He seems to be a bit more laid back than some other puppies, and is a huge eater. Additional image here.

Light Blue Collar Male

Light Blue Collar Male has this enormous head and very strong bone. He was one of the first puppies to start making eye contact, and I often find him just sitting there, staring at me. He is very outgoing and playful and will be a star in any training program, be it Schutzhund, Agility, or any other type of sport.

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